International Valves

Adapter spools,drilling spool

Drilling spools are designed and manufactured in accordance with API Spec 16A & 6A,
conforming to NACE MR 0175.
Drilling Spools are Pressure-Containing equipment with end connections and outlets,
stack in between drill through equipment.
Drilling spools are designed to connect the BOP and wellhead, both side outlets of
spool can be connected with valves or manifold to prevent blowout.

Main technical Data:

●Working Pressure:2000Psi~20000Psi API Spec 16A, NACE-MR0175
●Nominal Bore: 1 13/16”~ 9”
●Working medium:oil,natural gas,mud and gas containing H2S,CO2
●Working Temperature:L to U;350℃ to 650℃;
●Material Class: AA ~ FF;
●Product Specification Level: PSL 1~ 4;
●Performance Requirement:PR 1 ~ 2;