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API 594 Wafer Check Valve

Oilway USA offers API 594 Dual Plate Check Valves in ASME classes 150 to 2500, manufacture from cast carbon steel, forged steel stainless steel or alloy steel wafer, lug, or double flanged.

Key design features:

Retainerless body design with no external body penetrations eliminating the possibility of outside leakage. Disc assembly secured in place by high strength key.
End gasket surfaces are uninterrupted with no screws or lock pins breaking the gasket surface. No gasket restrictions required.
Seat faces lapped for smooth finish and superior sealing.
High torsion inconel springs for quick closing.
Each valve is shell and seat pressure tested per industry standard API 598.
Available in Wafer, Lug and Double Flange styles.
Each valve has a unique certification number that is traceable to the valve certification sheet which includes MTR data, pressure test report, and inspection report.