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API 6A Check Valves-Swing or lift type available

API 6A Check Valve, also referred to non-return valve, or one -way valve, is usually a valve that
normally enables fluid (liquid or gas) to flow via it in only one way. Its types including swing
type or lift type. Normally API 6A check valve is designed and incorporated metal-to-metal seal
for high-pressure, high-temperature working medium. The Check valve can be used with oil, gas,
water, or drilling fluids and are available in all temperature and material classes.

We manufacturer both of API 6A check valve in types of swing or lift, ratings from 2,000 to 15000
PSI,absolutely designed, made, and inspected ed as per API 6A and API 16C standards and have already
been greatly utilised on oilfield wellhead Xmas tree and manifolds with dependable general
performance. We also can design and manufacture In line with customers’ distinct specifications.

6A check valve manufactured by us is highly significant for its ability to maintain its working
condition for a long period of time.

Main technical Data:

●Working Pressure:2000Psi~20000Psi
●Nominal Bore: 1 13/16”~ 9”
●Working medium:oil,natural gas,mud and gas containing H2S,CO2
●Working Temperature:L to U;350℃ to 650℃;
●Material Class: AA ~ FF;
●Product Specification Level: PSL 1~ 4;
●Performance Requirement:PR 1 ~ 2;