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API 6A Cross Tee

Flange Crosses and Tees manufactured by us according to the design requirements
and face to face requirements of API Spec 6A or the design criteria provided in API
Spec 6A.They are broadly utilized for choke manifolds, kill manifolds, mud manifolds
and christmas trees.Rating from 2,000psi to 15,000psi. End connections are available
as flanged, studded, hub and union connections. Common configurations include
tees, 4 Way, 5-Way and 6-Way crosses. Custom designed and manufactured
configurations and additional outlets are also available.

Main technical Data:

●Working Pressure:2000Psi~15000Psi
●Nominal Bore: 1 13/16”~ 9”
●Working medium:oil,natural gas,mud and gas containing H2S,CO2
●Working Temperature:L to U;350℃ to 650℃;
●Material Class: AA ~ FF;
●Product Specification Level: PSL 1~ 4;
●Performance Requirement:PR 1 ~ 2;