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API 6A gate valve,CAMERON FC gate valve,API 6A slab gate valve

SINO API 6A gate valve offers high level of reliability and quality to oil and gas applications. API 6A
gate valves are generally designed for long-term operation and offer guaranteed protection
against hydrocarbon spillage. Our superior quality product is able to withstand extreme work
conditions and resist wear and tear, which makes it ideal for heavy-duty applications. These
valves have perfectly optimized closed-and-open flow path for better performance, longer life
and better utilization of energy. In addition, they offer better reliability, enhanced functionality
and increased durability.

API 6A valve body is made of forged or casting steel material.The valve is available in different
sizes according to the requirements and comes with anti-scratch and anti-slip surfaces for greater
reliability and life span. For better efficiency and performance, valve bodies are available in
different configurations including high-pressure and low-pressure, manual and automatic control,
and with rising stem or non-rising stem.

There are various models of API 6A gate valves available in the market. Commonly used for
heavy-duty application, these hydraulic valves feature high-low and open-closed ball bearings.
Other features include variable valve lift for pre-determined valve lift range, floating seats for
smooth control of airflow, anti-scratch, anti-slip, and anti-flammability elements. All these
features make these valves highly dependable and useful for any type of applications.

The valve body is made of hardened billet aluminum and is guaranteed to yield years of faithful
service. Also, the valve is fully compliant with the latest industry standards and can be easily
replaced if it fails to perform as per the specifications. In addition, the high-quality product is also
available with warranty and is easily accessible. For larger areas where flow capacity is a
significant factor, the API 6A can be used as a zero turn slinging ball valve. Also, for increasing the
pressure capacity, it is available in three different sizes, namely, small, medium, and large.
CAMERON FC Gate Valve is intended to handle high pressure; therefore, this gate valve is often
found in HVAC applications, such as boilers, air conditioning systems and heat pump and furnace
units. If you are looking for a good way to add flow capacity and prevent refrigerant leakage,
consider a CAMERON FC gate valve. This is because these valves are designed to be functional in
extreme temperatures and pressures.

A CAMERON FC type gate valve is produced with a unique tapered design. This feature provides
the valve with excellent conductivity and allows the valve to maintain its effective operating
temperature range. This is because CAMERON FC gate valve is designed with a tapered internal
design that has the valve seat located at a higher level. The seat then has an external lip that is
intended to provide a firm and secure seal with the metal valve. The external lip also ensures that
the valve will not be damaged by thermal expansion.

The CAMERON FC gate valve is available in different forms, the most common being the API 6A slab gate
valve. The API 6A slab gate valve is the oldest and the most popular among the different types of gate
valve. The slab gate valve is generally made up of an inner sleeve having an arbor which helps in its
adjusting capabilities.

Main technical Data:

●Working Pressure:2000Psi~20000Psi
●Nominal Bore: 1 13/16”~ 9”
●Working medium:oil,natural gas,mud and gas containing H2S,CO2
●Working Temperature:L to U;350℃ to 650℃;
●Material Class: AA ~ FF;
●Product Specification Level: PSL 1~ 4;
●Performance Requirement:PR 1 ~ 2;