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API 6A Hydraulic safety valves

The API 6A Hydraulic Safety Valve is a very popular component for a variety of applications and
industries. They are commonly used in the food processing, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and
fabricated metal industries. The main use of these valves is to lower and raise the pressure within
the industry by controlling the flow of liquid at various downstream pressure points.They help in
preventing the water levels from draining out completely. Hydraulic pressure sensitive and
temperature sensitive, they also have high resistance to high temperatures and extreme cold.
Moreover, they are fabricated using various technologies and can be easily installed with minimal

Besides the API 6A Hydraulic safety valves there are many other similar products of different
manufacturers,we are one of the most specialized manufacturer.The material and design used in
the production are widely popular and trusted.

The API 6A Hydraulic safety valve also incorporates an automatic pressure equalization
mechanism, which assists in the safe operating conditions of the machine. One of the most
important factors that need to be considered while manufacturing these hydraulic products is the
design of the valve. The Hydraulic safety valve is available in different configurations depending
on the type of service it has to handle. The different types include serviceable, single shot, and
constant-pressure serviceable.

Scope of supply for API 6A Hydraulic safety valve :

●Working pressure: 2000PSI~20000PSI
●Nominal Bore: 1.13/16″~7.1/16″(46mm~180mm)
●Working Medium: Oil, natural gas, mud,gas, etc.
●Working Temperature: -46º C° C~121° C(Class LU)
●Material Class: AA-HH;forged or cast AISI 4130/4140 low alloy or AISI 410 SS steel
●Specification Level: PSL1-4
●Performance Class: PR1,PR2