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API 6A Plug Valve

API 6A plug valve is an essential component to connect various high pressure manifold such as
well water, natural gas, petroleum, water and diesel during well drilling and hydraulically cracking.
It consists of bonnet, valve body, handwheel and segments. These parts are made of various
materials such as forged or cast AISI 4130/4140 low alloy or AISI 410 SS steel.

The valve body of API 6A plug valve is made of forged or cast AISI 4130/4140 low alloy or AISI 410
SS steel. It can be conveniently machined with CNC machines. The material is flexible yet durable
enough to withstand high pressure. It provides high reliable service life and outstanding
resistance to wear and tear. This is because the material prevents external abrasions while
feeding cementing or fracking operations. Also, it prevents the escape of gases, which are caused
by the drilling and cracking operation.

The other main function of API 6A plug valve is to close off the flow of gas at the wellhead when
the casing is not closed. It provides complete stoppage and protects the user from the risks
involved while using the machinery. This provides easy access to the work site when the casing is
open. It also provides protection against sparks, dust, dirt and oil that could ignite while working
in confined areas. It is very much capable of handling the heavy amount of pressure that comes
with hydraulic Fracturing operations. It prevents damage to equipment caused by sparks, heat,
dirt and oil, all of which can cause serious problems to the users.

The valve body is constructed in a manner that it keeps the plug valve bodies clean and free from
debris. It is supported by an upper plate on the opposite sides of the flange that runs parallel to
the flange. A number of screws are provided to support the plate on the opposite sides.

Scope of supply for API 6A Plug Valve :

●Working Pressures: 5000~15000psi
●Material Level: AA~ FF
●Production Spec Level: PSL1~4
●API Temperature Rating: -29~ 121℃