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API 6A Tubing Header

API 6A tubing header is a valuable tool for the plumbing and heating industry. API 6A tubing head
is a tubing system that has been certified to serve both domestic and commercial applications.

API 6A tubing header can be purchased in a variety of different lengths. It can range in width
as well, depending on what the application requires. Depending on the need of your business or
your plumbing system, this can make a big difference when you’re looking for the right product.


Top Flange Size: 7-1/16” to 21-1/4” Casing Size: 7” to 20”
Pressure rating : 2000 PSI to 15000 PSI
Available with:
API female casing threads form
Slip on weld connection
Slip lock


Line pipe thread
Studded flanged
Standard with lockscrews.