API 6A Plug Valve

API 6A plug valve is an essential component to connect various high pressure manifold such as well water, natural gas, petroleum, water and diesel during well drilling and hydraulically cracking. It consists of bonnet, valve body, handwheel and segments. These parts are made of various materials such as forged or cast AISI 4130/4140 low alloy […]

API 6A Mud Gate Valves

Mud Gate Valve is used in wellhead applications to control the opening and closing of wellheads. Many different types of API 6A mud gate valves are available to the well drilling contractor. The type of valve needed will depend on the application and desired result. An API 6A mud gate is considered as gate valve […]

API 6A Hydraulic safety valves

The API 6A Hydraulic Safety Valve is a very popular component for a variety of applications and industries. They are commonly used in the food processing, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and fabricated metal industries. The main use of these valves is to lower and raise the pressure within the industry by controlling the flow of liquid at […]

API 6A Hydraulic Gate Valves

API 6A Hydraulic gate valves are generally considered as the most efficient API 6A gate valve available in the market. It performs the function of regulating the hydraulic pressure from the main track to the hand wheel and from the hand wheel to the main track. Its main advantages over other gate valves include: * […]

API 6A gate valve,CAMERON FC gate valve,API 6A slab gate valve

SINO API 6A gate valve offers high level of reliability and quality to oil and gas applications. API 6A gate valves are generally designed for long-term operation and offer guaranteed protection against hydrocarbon spillage. Our superior quality product is able to withstand extreme work conditions and resist wear and tear, which makes it ideal for […]

6A Expanding gate valves

6A Expanding gate valves are an excellent choice for controlling the flow of liquid or gas in the industry. 6A Expanding gate valves have now become widely popular over recent years. The body is made of forged or cast alloy steel, or stainless steel, rating up to 20000PSI,end connection is available in flange, screwed etc, […]

API 6A choke Valve –Adjustable and positive available

API 6A choke valve is a device used to control the flow of fluids such as well testing, wellheads, stream injection. Different types of API 6A choke valves are suitable for different situations and applications. There are Different types of API 6A choke valve including adjustable choke valve and positive choke valve are available for […]

API 6A Check Valves-Swing or lift type available

API 6A Check Valve, also referred to non-return valve, or one -way valve, is usually a valve that normally enables fluid (liquid or gas) to flow via it in only one way. Its types including swing type or lift type. Normally API 6A check valve is designed and incorporated metal-to-metal seal for high-pressure, high-temperature working […]

API 6A Frac Valve Ball Screw Operated (BSO) Gate Valves

API 6A Frac Valve Ball Screw Operated (BSO) Gate Valves are used for the purpose of regulating the flow of gas within an oil or gas pipeline system. API 6A Frac Valve Ball Screw Operated (BSO) Gate Valve is designed in such a way that they minimize the risk of surface damage or erosion. API […]