Wellhead flange

Wellhead flange is a common component of wellhead systems. This flange is specifically designed accordance with API 6A to give a safe connection from the wellhead to your main stem line or support pipe. It allows the safe delivery of water from above to the well underneath and from behind the wellhead to a depth […]

Hammer Union-API 6A hammer union-Forged Hammer Unions

Hammer Union is best device to join pipe fittings in a construction project. The type of pipe used and length of the piping will determine the type of hammer union required. The union will be mounted to the pipe using steel I-beams. The primary use of the hammer union is to join the two ends […]

API 6A Tubing Header

API 6A tubing header is a valuable tool for the plumbing and heating industry. API 6A tubing head is a tubing system that has been certified to serve both domestic and commercial applications. API 6A tubing header can be purchased in a variety of different lengths. It can range in width as well, depending on […]

API 6A Cross Tee

Flange Crosses and Tees manufactured by us according to the design requirements and face to face requirements of API Spec 6A or the design criteria provided in API Spec 6A.They are broadly utilized for choke manifolds, kill manifolds, mud manifolds and christmas trees.Rating from 2,000psi to 15,000psi. End connections are available as flanged, studded, hub […]

Adapter spools,drilling spool

Drilling spools are designed and manufactured in accordance with API Spec 16A & 6A, conforming to NACE MR 0175. Drilling Spools are Pressure-Containing equipment with end connections and outlets, stack in between drill through equipment. Drilling spools are designed to connect the BOP and wellhead, both side outlets of spool can be connected with valves […]

API 6A Casting Head

API 6A Casting Head is a drilling equipment,it is often application for energy and mining,The API 6A casting head comes in a variety of different designs based on different products. The API 6A casting head is generally made from steel and is very effective as the process of turning metals is very smooth. When using […]

API 6A Caching Hangers

API 6A Casing Hangers for Oil and Gas are specially designed to meet the requirements of the diverse users in the petroleum and oil and gas fields. A properly implemented and maintained API 6A casing and tubing system will ensure that the processes of oil and gas exploration, processing, as well as storage of petroleum […]