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High performance butterfly valve

High performance butterfly valve, for the eccentric construction of the disc and the sealing ring ,the valve has a compact construction, small volume, light weight, reliable sealing, long service life and other feature, and it has both regulating and shut-off function. This kind of valve is widely used for cutting off the medium such as air ,water, sewage, oil, liquid, gas, natural gas and steam or controlling the pressure and flow in metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, textile, food, medicine, paper and other departments of industrial, municipal engineering, water plant and other pipelines.

This series products are divided into PTFE seat and PTFE + metal seat sealing constructions, both of them are zero leakage in pressure testing. The flow characteristic of this kind of valve is approximate equal percentage.

Products Features

1. High performance regulating and shut off function, it not only can be used as regulating valve, but also can be used as shut off valve.
2. Excellent isolation function for gas and liquid and control characteristics of flow.
3. Small friction, no binding on the seat during the opening and closing, long service life.
4. The sealing ring is easy to be replaced and adjusted.
5. Small operation torque and reliable torque to shut off.
6. Fire safe type can be designed according to customers requirement.

Construction Feature

For the double eccentric construction, during the opening, the disc get away from the seat gradually, the friction between the sealing surface is reduced, so that the service life is prolonged. The seat is lip type, and the material is PTFE, RPTFE or other Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, so that regardless of the direction of the fluid, the seat always can return to the original position after deformation to guarantee the seal performance.