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Ball Valve - Ball Valve Manufacturer

Ball valve is simply a type of quarter turn valve that utilizes a hollow, perforating and rotating ball to regulate flow of a liquid or gas through it. It's open when the ball of the valve is in line with its outlet and shut when it's pivoted 90 degrees from the outlet. Producing capabilities including 1/4” to 60” , ANSI Class 150~ Class 2500,material in Cast carbon steel, stainless steel, Forged steel, Alloy Steel and other exotic materials.

Care must be taken to select the most suitable ball valve for your project. This includes Pipe size, Valve material, Pressure Temperature Rating, and Valve End Connection Flange RF or RTJ, butt welded, socket welded, thread . Other critical things to choose into account include Fugitive Emissions, fire safe and NACE requirement.

Ball valve applications in industry including Oil & gas, Petroleum Refining, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, Marine, Power Generation, Mechanical Construction, and Industrial Gas.

Oilway is the best ball valve manufacturer offers many types of ball valve, this includes floating , trunnion, top entry, fully welded, double block and bleed valve.