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Globe Valve-Globe Valve manufacturer

Globe valve is one type of isolation valves, is a device that reverses the direction of flow by lifting disc out of its path. Oilway is one of the best globe valve manufacturer, Producing capabilities including 1/4” to 52” , ANSI Class 150~ Class 2500,material in Cast carbon steel, stainless steel, Forged steel, Alloy Steel and other exotic materials.

Care must be taken to select the most suitable Globe valve for your project. This includes Pipe size, Valve material, Pressure Temperature Rating, and Valve End Connection Flange RF or RTJ, butt welded, socket welded, thread . Other critical things to choose into account include Fugitive Emissions, and NACE requirement.

Globe valve applications in industry including Oil & gas, Petroleum Refining, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, Marine, Power Generation, Mechanical Construction, and Industrial Gas.

Valve Bonnet is a main part of globe valve, depending on applications, globe valves can have bolted, or pressure seal bonnets. Bolted bonnets provide sealing in larger valves and higher pressure applications. In this type, the bonnet and valve body are flanged and bolted together. Pressure seal globe valves are ideal for high-pressure applications (more than Class 600). This type of construction uses internal pressure to create a better seal.

Pressure seal bonnets have a downward-facing cup inserted into the valve body. When internal fluid pressure increases, the cup's forced outward, improving the seal. Oilway offers both a needle disc, ball disc and plug disc design, rising stem, OSY, Bolted bonnet or pressure seal bonnet globe valve.