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Triple eccentric metal seal butterfly valve

Triple eccentric metal seal butterfly valve designs in triple offset construction. The laminated seal or metal to metal seal makes the valve can be used for high temperature and high pressure working condition with long service life and energy saving. The triple eccentric metal seal butterfly valve is designed as a device to shut-off or regulate the working medium flow and widely installed in industrial pipelines with corrosive medium in metallurgy, iron and steel industry, power plant, petroleum, chemical industry, heat supply, inflammable gas, municipal water supply and drainage and etc.

As the latest technology achievement, triple eccentric butterfly valves provide a variety of connections to meet different face to face dimensions, such as wafer type, lug type, flanged type, ring-joint type, butt-welded type and jacketed type. It is suitable for acid, alkali and other corrosive medium at both high and low temperature due to wide material selection. Especially in large-diameter butterfly valve, it is continuously replacing the shut-off valves such as gate valve and ball valve with its advantage of zero leakage; meanwhile it is also continuously replacing the regulating valves such as globe valve with its excellent performance in regulation and control.

Products Features

1. High performance triple eccentric patented sealing system.
– Laminated seat valve :Zero leakage sealing in bi-directional (As per DIN class I or ANSI Class VI).
– Integral seat valve: Bi-directional tight sealing ( As per ANSI Class V)
2. Excellent isolation and control function for gas and liquid.
3. Welded stainless steel or stellite body seat is specially designed for long service life.
4. No friction, wear and stagnation on the seat during the opening and closing.(Compression only)
5. The seal ring is easy to be replaced and adjusted.
6. Applicable to harsh working condition such as high temperature, high pressure and corrosive conditions.
7. The metal to metal seal ring is suitable for +600°C.
8. Self-compensating for temperature variances.
9. Low operation torque and reliable shut off torque.
10. Natural fire safe design.

11. The disc sealing ring compress along the circumference uniformly just as the effect of welding, to make the seal ring bend as spring. The resilient seal make sure the sealing performance is compliance with API 598 standard – Zero leakage for liquid or gas of the resilient seat valves. The resiliency of the seal makes the disc remain closing tight seal in the thermal cycle just as shown in below figure.